I am just so grateful that we are working together.  I not only have more peace in my life but I am also accomplishing a lot!  I feel “unstuck”. Thank you so much! -Rachelle Dior

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health who listened to you and supported you in directing your creative energy toward a diet and lifestyle that you love that supports your overall health? 

It is my joy to awaken your ability to listen to your innate intelligence so that you may be inspired to find ways to enhance your individual health. I use practical dietary and lifestyle coaching methods, actively listen, and offer you mindfulness-based and creative self-expression enhancing practices that guide you to self-discovery and actions that re-establish your more complete health and well-being.

Everyone has unique challenges and needs that impact their overall health. I will guide you to find the best lifestyle choices to support you. These may include exploring new foods, incorporating more movement into your day, changing your way of being in relationships, carving out time for self-care or other personal actions that you discover as I support your trust of yourself along with your unique needs and desires. This is my definition of health--an everexpanding ability to creatively meet what is needed in any area of your life with curiosity, confidence and trust.

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