National Poetry Month Day 29 Poem

Another prompt for a sonnet appeared on Poetry Superhighway Facebook Page submitted by Milo Rosebud. The gyst of it is to write a sonnet that tells about what you do Morning, Noon and Night, but to see the full prompt do visit the Facebook page. (I did not follow the directions exactly, but did follow the spirit of the prompt in the Petrarchan sonnet below.)

Morning, Noon & Night
By Bobby Rudin
At sunrise, I awake but stay in bed
pray for myself and others, then get up.
I breathe, stretch, bend, and dress. Next I gallop
to the kitchen where I cook and am fed.
I go to my office, hope I’m ahead
then to the classroom, help to develop
young minds as we tackle problems and read
as I help them to properly grow up.
My afternoons and evenings fluctuate.
I study, enjoy family, go out
to meetings but rarely stay up too late.
I pray again before bed then am out.
I function best with a perfect-sized plate
and confidence that leaves no room for doubt.

National Poetry Month Day 28 Poem

Below is a poem inspired by a common poetry prompt: to write a poem that uses as much alliteration as possible. This poem works to incorporate the "k" sound using many words that begin with "c."


By Bobbi Rudin
concepts from classes collect
condense into coils of consciousness
comprehension is incomplete, constrained,
remarks and comments are compared,
counterclaims constructed, caught
in contrast and controversy,
communications continue until
convictions carefully curtsy
to collective contributions which are
acknowledged, consented to and
concurred upon